Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carly and Paul's Wedding

On July 29th my sister, Carly, got married to Paul. Paul is a really nice guy, and not only thought so highly because of the standard set in the past, he is genuinely really nice. So, needless to say, the family was thrilled.

I don't actually have any photos of the wedding, as Paul spent the night at his family's house, so when Savannah saw him for the first time on the day (as she came walking down the aisle as the flower girl), she shouted "dadddyyyy" and tried running over to him. When she wasn't allowed she started crying, overwhelmed with the day, and couldn't be stopped. My mom was going to stand outside with her, but I quickly took her place, to allow her to watch the wedding.

Here are some of the photo's from afterwards.

Then, to entertain myself, I decided to take pictures of the kids looking stupid... (the whole "you have something on your heel" trick).

... while the girls kept guard of the entrance.

On the evening there was a nice disco, with an awesome sweet table.

Me and Brandi danced a lot, and Savannah stayed up very late being my dancing parter.

... but it was all a bit too much for Eloise.

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