Monday, 8 October 2012

61) Start a business

Last February I left Switch. This was a mixture of needing more money/career progression, and partly to get time off to see Brandi.

Right after Brandi left I started working at SCH (a huge company). In the past year I've learned a lot, and feel like a much, much better programmer, and have a good grasp of business in general.

In June, just after Brandi moved over, I realised I hadn't really made and progress, and was on the verge of stagnating. I can afford the mortgage and food, but not a lot more... I don't want to be an old dad either, but with money I couldn't . I spoke with my superiors, and negotiated a responsibility and pay increase.

Over two months passed, and the pay rise was yet to come. I decided to act quite quickly, and boldly, and set up my own company.

And so... as of the 14th September 2012, my company was incorporated.

I felt like this is a milestone, so I had the celebratory glass of birth whisky.

But, to tell the truth, I have been pretty nervous. When I first listed myself as available for work I got a load of calls, but most were put of when I said I still had to work my notice at SCH. And then came the call from Jon, from Switch, for a months contract. And then came a call for a 3 month contract for Peugeot... and this is a picture I took when I turned up for my first day.

But yeah... as I said, I'm a bit nervous. Today went well, but this is a really important week that will kind of decide how my whole life goes. Needless to say, working for yourself programming is a lot more money than working permanently  but with it comes much less security, and a lot more pressure (though I don't really get stressed).

I want to use the contracting side as a stepping stone into actually working as a proper business. I am hoping to start developing some kind of product/service in future, and then no longer have to stick to long hours that means you see no daylight in the winter.

Hopefully, this time next year all of my financial problems will be sorted, and I will look back on it being a great decision.


  1. I have every confidence in you xxxxxxx

  2. Big step Andy - and a brave one. We use contractors a lot in our line of business and you seem to have weighed up the pros and cons before making the move. Well Done and Good Luck.

  3. You are going to do GREAT, I know it. You're already doing well. Having seen lots of startups, the first moments are the scariest but you will look back one day, having learned so many lessons, and think "gosh, what was I so worried about once?" haha. Congratulations on taking the leap!