Thursday, 7 June 2012

Yes Man... Again

Many years ago I read two books that have influenced me more than anything. I don't even think they were meant to be influential books. They were "Join Me", and "Yes Man", by Danny Wallace.

Danny Wallace is somebody who I would want as a friend. There aren't many people like him. He's always up for a laugh, and does fun things for the sake of doing things. In "Yes Man" he had realised that he wasn't doing much, going out much, and just drifting from day to day. Because of this realisation he decided he would stop saying no to everything, and see where it gets him. There were ups and downs, but he did enough to be able to write a book out of it.

Years ago, probably around my third year of University, I decided to take this idea on myself. This has lead to many things that I otherwise wouldn't have done.

There had been lots of times that through shyness I would much rather have said no, but convinced myself otherwise. One big example... modelling. Since doing these things I've always constantly pushed myself out of my comfort zone, such as with boxing. It had made me make the 100 Things To Do list, and put difficult things on there, and actively try and cross them off. It has made me act more spontaneously, chasing adventures and things that could end up being fun.

Basically, it has made my life a lot more interesting than it would otherwise have been.

"Join Me" is slightly different, but along the same lines. He fairly unintentionally started a massive group, but had no direction. He eventually found direction by getting people to do nice things for other people. They were doing things that they might otherwise not have done (as it can be embarrassing to go and help someone, especially being British), but since they have a reason to it becomes easier.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this post is because I have noticed in the last month that my "yes man" attitude has dropped a lot, and instead I've been bailing out of plans, and not doing anything, in favour of sitting alone at home. I've told myself it is only because I am waiting for Brandi, and then everything will be back in order, but I think I need to make a point of getting that attitude back.

So as of today, I am going to stop saying no to so many things (or saying yes but not turning up). I don't have as much money has I had when I was working and living at home with no responsibilities, but I will just have to try and work around that.

Update: This post was scheduled, so it's not really an update. After writing this I was asked to a poker night at Tom's new house (the guy I used to live with). Sticking to my plan, I enthusiastically agreed. I won £35!

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