Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween 2011

For Halloween this year me and Brandi spent ages trying to think of a costume. In the end we thought of Tobias and Lindsay Fünke, from Arrested Development.

I completely 'blued up', complete with never-nude cut-offs. Since most people don't actually know who they are, here is a picture of them in Arrested Development.

On Thursday night we carved pumpkins. I am not very good at doing them usually, but I think I did quite well! Brandi's looks amazing. It is an old groaning man. Mine was a face, and I tried to give it a hair outline, which looked really bad, but then I put the cut out bit back in giving it an outline glow.

On the Saturday night we went to a house party (in the above costumes). I got quite drunk at a house party near my old house. Most people thought I was a Smurf, or an Avatar person. Only one American actually got who I was. I am quite pleased, being someone quite unknown is what I usually aim for, like Antoine Dodson last year (also shows all my other fancy dress things)

On the actual night of Halloween I went to my mom and dads, and we had a Halloween party, and then I went Trick or Treating with my nephews and nieces. It was really fun. We decided to only knock on the doors of people that have Halloween decorations, as they are likely to expect people coming around. It was nice to see that so many people had got in the spirit of it (pun) with some putting up really good decorations, and one lady inviting them in to see her life-size spooky waiter statue.


  1. The costumes look really good - I too had never heard of them.

  2. Those costumes are awesome and I might not have gotten it off hand but I know who those people are (my sister loves that show and is always making m watch it).

  3. The costumes were so great. And so was seeing your blue melting. :)


  4. Ahhh those costumes were great! Like always, you two looked fabulous together :)