Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fight Countdown: 2 Days

This week hasn't been good. On Saturday I got a massive b*llocking for going out drinking on the Friday night, a week before the fight. On Sunday I woke up aching all over, and with some sort of bite on my elbow. Throughout the day it hurt more and more, to the point that if it just brushes against anything it's agony.

Monday it hurt so much I considered going to the doctors, but decided not to. On Tuesday it still really hurt. I did some light pad work in the gym, but just lightly jabbing hurts a lot. If I have to block a body shot with my elbow I will cry.

Today is Wednesday, and there is no signs of the pain subsiding. Perfect timing. I phoned the doctors today and they said to phone back later to try and get an emergency appointment.

Regardless of what happens I will be going ahead with the boxing match, but it's going to be a lot more painful than I predicted.

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