Thursday, 12 August 2010

Malia with the Lads, and my Moms Comment

Wow! I am going on a 'lads' holiday. As I am now 23, I might be one of the older people in Malia (a 'party place' in Greece), but hopefully that just means I am more experienced. I will return next Friday with my memoirs.

On another note, I just recieved maybe the best text I have read from my mom:

"Have a great, safe holiday, rememba we love u, rememba stds should only relate 2 u in the telephone sense n if a girl will let u bonk her on hol shes a slapper n u likely 2 get more than a notch on ya dick! or put anotha way - if u bonk with a slappa use a wrappa"

Ps. My housemate has just started blogging and made her 100 things to do list. Have a look if you want (

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  1. You're going to Greece? I'm so jealous! :(