Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years 2013 Resolutions

Like last year, I am going to look at my previous resolutions and see how they went, and then make new ones for this year.

Just before the clock stuck 12 last night, Leigh asked me if I have any resolutions. Usually in the run up to 01/01 I have spent a lot of time thinking about the year, and what I need to improve upon. This year I hadn't. Maybe this time around I am a lot happier with the position I am in. Although I am, I usually feel quite happy, so I'm not quite sure why less thought has been put into it.

Last years resolutions:

1) Find out who my friends are and be loyal to them
For the first time in many years I think I have stuck to this. It is hard to hold onto friendships, and I often find myself clinging onto something that, though no fault of either person, has just faded away. There are people I want to see a lot more, but the friends that will stick around are the ones that you don't have to see once every two weeks, and even if you see just once every 6 months, you will be as close as ever. This year I've gotten really close with the guys I usually go on holiday with, which is nice. They are a good group... no venom, which is too common in many groups.

2) Try and further my knowledge in all areas
For the first half of the year I did a lot of reading (articles, etc) and felt like I had a good understanding of many things. Since September I've been a lot busier, and this had kind of slipped. I would quite like to find some RSS feeds from interesting websites and get back into reading more.

3) Notice when something is just my ego speaking, and learn to ignore it
Not sure how this went. Maybe people will think I'm quite egotistical. Possibly I am, and although I don't think throughout the year I would have gotten less, I often realise when I say something that may sound it (though I think only if interpreted that way).

4) Start caring about my appearance again

This didn't happen. Yesterday I went to drop something off to a car dealership in baggy tracksuit bottoms, and an oversized hoody covered in a mix of pasta sauce and milk. I put my hood up, just for effect.

This years resolutions:

1) Start being more confident and friendly
When I meet somebody for the first time I often feel quite shy, and maybe come across like I don't want to talk to them, which isn't a great first impression. Something Kristofer said when I was in Sweden stuck with me, about meeting people for the first time, and I am going to try and be more like that. Not only will I seem nicer, I think it is needed for my career.

2) Continue 'reading' audiobooks
I go in phases with audiobooks. I spend a lot of time driving, and a lot of that time is spent singing along to the same songs, when there are hundreds of years of books that I am ignoring. I love reading them, but it can be an effort getting into a new one right after the last, but this year I am going to try and force myself to almost right away (maybe a day or two of singing in between).

3) Get back into shape and stop looking like a hobo
Yep... I'm becoming one of those people who make the "get into shape" or "look good" resolution year after year. But now I think it's more important. At work I wear the same jumper day after day, and I am starting to get fat. This must change.

4) Try and finish some projects
Too many times I start things and don't finish them (eg, the damn website I've been saying I'm going to do). I've also started thinking I want to make a game again (I say again, I last felt like it when I first got into programming when I was 10). We'll see how this goes...


  1. Those sound like pretty solid resolutions. I'm not a fan of setting resolutions myself because I tend to not complete them as soon as I set them as a resolution.

    Best of luck with these ones!

  2. I don't make resolutions at New Year anymore ... not because I think I'm perfect but because I get disappointed that I don't live up to my expectations. I do set myself little goals all the time - but don't give myself a time span to complete them - that way I can kid myself that I'm on track. Happy New Year Andy!