Wednesday, 21 December 2011

119) Build an awesome gingerbread house

Me and Brandi lived in our first place together this year from late August until she left in early December. This is partly because I wanted to spend loads of time with her, and partly because I know she is good at making gingerbread houses.

With Christmas closely approaching in December we decided to start work on the gingerbread house. Buying the ingredients cost quite a lot of money, mainly because I just got a shite load of sweets. Brandi upset me by saying she wanted to get a mould for it. Not on my watch. This 100 Things to Do list must be done properly. A mould is one step away from just buying the house.

I didn't take many photos of making the house, mainly because it was so annoying, and we didn't finish until about 4 days after we started.

Making the gingerbread was difficult because we needed an electric whisk, so I had to stir really hard. Then we had to freeze the mix. It took us another two days until we decided not to be lazy and to finish it, but the next step was to cut the shapes out. I did all the pieces... wrong, so then I wanted nothing more to do with it so I went and played on the computer while Brandi fixed it.

When she was done cutting the shapes I was more willing to help again, so I put the oven on. Very helpful. It wouldn't have been finished without the oven being turned on.

We then put the walls together using an icing sugar based cement, and left it until it was ready to decorate.

Brandi decorated one side of the roof. It was 'pretty', but it wasn't gingerbread house-y enough. It was more like the decoration someone with OCD might do.

I showed her how it should be done! Handfulls of sweets thrown at the roof! And I finished it off with a Curly Whirley roof and gates. Brandi added trees made out of ice cream cones.

I was quite pleased! And I think we impressed our visitors. It didn't really get eaten because nobody really loves gingerbread, but it made the house smell nice.


  1. That is quite the adorable gingerbread house. You do cool things, I'm jealous.

  2. I got to give it to Brandi, her roof is much prettier. But then I have ocd so what do I know?

  3. Now that my friend IS awesome!! Loving your 100+ things to do list too also - Any progress on number 9)??? haha :') x