Tuesday, 9 August 2011

53) Join a riot

I am very, very pissed off with these riots, and would just like to start this by saying that I have not participated just to cross it off the list.

The riots apparently started when a drug dealer was shot and killed by the police when he pulled out a gun. Since then, some twats have just used it as an excuse to rampage throughout the country, stealing and breaking stuff. It started in London, then spread to Birmingham, then to Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds and now there's reports of all other places too.

These are just opportunist thugs, with nothing to actually protest. They say different things like it is because society, or police aren't respectful, and annoyingly the BBC are/were actually calling them protesters.

What the country needs now are some vigilantes (which I have always agreed with), to come in and make an example of some people to show them that they can't just ruin our society. These people obviously have no standards or morals, as you can see them trying to rob closed sandwich stores, McDonalds, and pound shops. Wtf.

These riots made me think about my number 53 on the list. When I added this I was thinking about a more peaceful riot, if there is such a thing. I see a protest as people standing being mostly ignored, and a riot as people making more noise, using slight force, but non-violent and nothing to actually damage things, just disrupt.

Although I had vowed to not take anything off the list, I am considering taking this off, since rioting sucks. I was hoping for something that is actually worth 'rioting' for, but I don't know...

All I hope is that every single person gets caught, owned, and although they won't all fit in prison, I hope they all get house arrest/curfew for a long, long time.


  1. I saw this in the news a couple days ago and my jaw just dropped. I could not believe it and got so confused what caused it to get to this extent.

    I really hope it all calms down soon and those involved get caught. They should be embarrassed in their actions. There is no reason for them to lash out this way and I'm glad to hear #53 is still uncrossed on your list!

    Stay safe!

  2. A number of friends of mine are tearing their hair out at the screens "Wheres the baton charges, tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets?"

    This is Mainland Britain we don't do things that way over here - shame because until we do the smug little shites are going to carry on thinking "We own dese streets man an now societys goin to show us the respect we deserve."

    Yeah right - sorry rant over!

  3. I think if you helped clean up or helped someone who’s a victim of the riot, that would count as taking part. You can’t penalize yourself for being on the GOOD side!

  4. That is quite a good idea, thanks.

  5. I've never understood riots. People who claim they're exercising their right of freedom whilst taking away the freedom of others.