Monday, 19 July 2010

An Awesome 23rd Birthday

Most people will not know, but it was my birthday this weekend. My 23rd birthday. Which means I'm old. Humph.

Anyway, sadness aside, it was awesome. Saturday morning I pull together 26 friends to go paintballing. I've been many times before... and don't remember it hurting near as much. For the teams we did omglan vs my other friends, including people I used to work with, my parents, people I live with, and my girly friends. At first these teams looked fairly fixed, and recieved a few complaints... until we walked onto the field, to be joined by some people who looked to be taking it too seriously, with M4 guns instead of the standard weird metal looking thing. They also cheated.

Anyway, paintballing was awesome, and I was severely hurt.

I had a small nap in the afternoon ready for my house party on the night. It turned out to be pretty awesomes. And although the house was a complete mess the Sunday morning, it was worth it just to see so many people with their head in the toilet, college style.

Highlights of the day were as follows:
  • Sitting behind cover in paintball, with Leigh and Neil watching my back. Only to find they had gone, leaving me to be shot from 1 metre away 4 times in the back. Agony.
  • Thinking I was in a John Woo film, jumping on a broken tree, flying two meters in the air and hitting 5 people on the way down... in my head. In reality, I jumped on a broken tree, slipped, fell face first onto the ground and was shot a few times.
  • Watching my mom shoot at the marshals from the safety zone.
  • Being the last person in a fort, with people shooting me and couldn't hear me trying to shout 'I am out' over the cries of pain.
  • Being given the 'Shot Gun' by my friends, and instantly cutting myself.
  • Filling the 'shot gun' with an awesome 'shit mix', and shooting everyone in the mouth.

  • Hearing someone shout 'Birthday Beats' then savagely getting owned by everyone in a corridor scene that resembled Oldboy.
  • Having the awesome cake, card and boxers from my house mates.

  • Drunken rugby at 2am, which led to me being brutally kneed in the face, resulting in my first ever black eye.

  • Cracking open the last of my awesome Thai Red Bull I have had saved for 2 years, and having two Jagerbombs, courtesy of Jess and Sarah.
  • Having shots straight from the shot optic.
  • Finding my sister outside, nearly being sick.
  • Finding Jess with her head in the toilet.
  • Finding Sarah outside lying in bottle being sick.
  • Finding Neil outside under the gazebo asleep, with a beanbag on his head.
  • Finding Leigh awake at 3am.
  • Listening to Zombie Nation on repeat till 6:30am.
Here are some more photos from the day!


  1. This sounds like the most awesome 23 birthday ever. You know what i did for my 23 birthday?- Jack shit. And its such a waste since my birthday is on cinco de mayo.

    Plus loving all the half-naked, partially drunk, ready to puke pics

  2. Looks like a blast! You have friends who evidently really love you ^_^

  3. Wish i hadn't have been stupid working! Glad you had an awesome day/night/morning after though :)

  4. Looks like a party that I would want to be at, except I would want to be the one behind the gun. LOL. Happy Birthday Andy!, PS. Your really fucking old.